Flower of Life Mosaic in Ephesus

Artifacts of the Flower of Life


  • Drunvalo Melchizedek: The ancient secret of the Flower of Life, Vol. 1&2 (1999 & 2000)
  • Eleanor Robson: Mesopotamian mathematics (1999)
  • Eleanor Robson: The apsamikku in Neo-Babylonian Mathematics (2007)
  • Joran Friberg: A remarkable collection of Babylonian mathematical texts (2007)
  • Duncan J. Melville: Some old Babylonian geometry (2005)
  • B.J. McCartin: Mysteries of the equilateral triangle (2010)
  • B.B. Shefton: Greek vases (1989)
  • Pauline Albenda: Assyrian carpets in stone (1978)
  • Stephen Wolfram: A new kind of science (2002)
  • Serçe Limani: An Eleventh-Century Shipwreck Vol. 1, The Ship and Its Anchorage, Crew, and Passenger (2004)
  • E.R. Goodenough: Jewish Symbols in the Greco Roman, Vol. 5 & 7 (1958)
  • D.T. Potts: A Companion to the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East (2012)
  • Georgina Herrmann, Stuart Laidlaw: Ivories from Nimrud VI (2008)
  • Beatrice Teissier: Ancient Near Eastern Cylinder Seals from the Marcopoli Collection (1984)


This list of the keywords and combinations of them can be used to search more information about the FOL and related topics on libraries and search engines:

flower of life, six-petal rosette, six rayed star, six spoked wheel, rosette, apsamikku(m), conclave square, square root of 3, intersecting circles, hexagon, equilateral triangle, rhombus, vesica piscis, goblet, beaker, pyxis, cosmetic lid, ivory, mosaic, cylinder seal, sacred geometry.


I want to respect all image copyright holders and works made by numerous artists and authors. Without their work it would impossible to present the continuity of the FOL symbol by its various appearances in any satisfactory way. Most of the images has been published with Creative Commons license so it was straightforward to use those images on this essay. I have published all my own photos with the same license believing that it is the only way to keep creative work and research hassle free and enjoyable for everyone. Few items [32, 35] has untraceable sources, because they have been used internet widely without reference to the original work. I hope that someone who sees them here and knows the source will kindly contact me, so that I can attach credit line to the images. Then few items [5, 6, 25, 26, 36] has restricted terms of use why I cannot present pictures directly on my essay, so I have footnoted links to the original works.

4 thoughts on “Artifacts of the Flower of Life”

  1. Reblogged this on Twin Flames and commented:
    The Flower of Life is the pattern of all life, a 2d representation of deep spiritual truths that transcend dimensions. Within it are contained the secrets to awareness, free energy, awakening, procreation, and creativity.

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