Flower of Life Mosaic in Ephesus

Artifacts of the Flower of Life


Six-petal flower lunette [item 31]

Six-petal flower lunette

Six-petal flower lunette - zoom
A six-petal flower lunette above the door of the Orthodox chapel (upper picture). More complex pattern of the intersecting circles can be seen on both sides of the center circle when picture is zoomed in (lower picture). Patmos, Chora, Greece. Undated. (Photo credit: Marko Manninen)

Jewish painting [item 32]

Jewish painting
A Jewish painting that has a Hebrew inscription around the circle of the Flower of Life. Undated.

Assyrian wall decoration [item 33]

Assyrian wall decoration
Presumably Assyrian wall decoration in the Pergamon Museum in Berlin. Undated. (Photo credit: Sanjin Đumišić)

Fu Dog Sphere [item 34]

Fu Dog Sphere
An earth sphere under the Fu dog (or male lion/Buddha). This is a common defender statue on the houses and temples in the Ming and Qing dynasties. In the picture is one of the stone lions guarding the Jing’An Temple in Shanghai, China. Undated. (Photo credit: Tyson Amick)

Sikh temple marble floor [item 35]

Sikh temple marble floor
A Sikh temple marble floor decoration. Amritsar, India. Undated.

Mosaic floor in Pompeii [item 36]

Mosaic floor in the House of Tragic Poet as House of Glaucus. Italy, Pompeii. Undated.

Mosaic floor in Seville [item 37]

Mosaic floor in Seville
Mosaic in the Archeological Museum of Seville, Spain. Undated. (Photo credit: Rafael del Pino)

Map of flowers

The map below shows the places where the collected artifacts were found as well as their assumed dating:

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    The Flower of Life is the pattern of all life, a 2d representation of deep spiritual truths that transcend dimensions. Within it are contained the secrets to awareness, free energy, awakening, procreation, and creativity.

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